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  • Our Commercial Due Diligence Services


    Property Condition Assessments (PCA)

    Never purchase a property without one

    A PCA is an unbiased assement of a commerical property and can be useful for negotiating the sale, leasing, or financing of real estate, or for maintaining a property you already own. Let WBTreece Consultants help you forecast future expenses by delivering a Property Condition Report  (PCR).

    Capital Needs Assessments (CNA)

    Plan your future expenses to government and municipal requirements

    A CNA is an assessment of a commerical property's condition and projection of future costs, but is specific to the requirements for a state housing authority, Rural Development, or a lender. It only makes sense to hire trained and certified professionals in the area of Capital Expense Budgeting if you require a CNA.

    Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

    Make sure your commercial property gels with the environment

    The ESA evaluates present and past use of a commercial property, determining if there has been any harmful releases into the soil or groundwater beneath the property. Our CRE Advisors will identify these risks to help prevent consequences such as the loss of property value and/or the liabilty for owners and lenders. 

    Capital Reserve Studies

    Forecast and budget costs

    Many states require or advise reserve studies on HOA and apartment properties. This budgeting tool aids property managers, retail properties, special districts or any other physical plant/property for the future repair, replacement, and restoration of major common area components during the Economic Life of a property.

    Property Portfolio Reviews

    Save money by scheduling routine inspections in advance

    Are you an investor with a portfolio of commercial properties? We simplify the commercial inspection and due diligence process by offering a package of routine inspections to keep your properties going.

    Facility Condition Assessments (FCA)

    Document and plan for building maintenance

    If you work in and manage your own property, we document the condition and plan for future repairs. If you're raising capital or budgeting for the future, an FCA gets you moving.

    Triple-Net Lease Inspections

    Leasing a property but responsible for maintenance?

    These inspections are recommended if you are a tenant who is committed to a Triple-Net Lease, or preparing to sign one. Our Commercial Building Inspectors can help you offset your operation expenses and reduce the risk of unexpected capital expenditures.  


    Why work with WBTreece Consultants?

    Who We Are

    We learn from the best buildings in the world. From the Bavarian forest to the Blue Mosque, we've studied the best structures across the globe.


    We bring that experience to bear for you.


    WBTreece Consultants is a licensed and experienced commerical property inspection and due diligence firm headquartered in Raleigh, NC, USA. Many inspection companies focus on home inspections and include commercial inspection as an additional service; with WBTreece Consultants, you get a partner who is completely focused on the needs of commercial real estate investors, property owners/managers- anyone who is tasked with assessing the health of commercial properties and forecasting future business expenses.


    If you are a commercial real estate owner looking for an advisor and provider of commercial property inspections, Property Condition Assessmens (PCA), Capital Needs Assessments (CNA), Triple-Net Lease Inspections, Phase 1 Environment Site Assessments, or CRE Property Portfolio Reviews in Raleigh, Charlotte Wilmington, Greensboro or across North Carolina, contact us today more information and a no-obligation quote.


    Our experienced, accountable, and trained professionals inspect and clarify CRE property portfolios, commercial buildings, commercial land, and environmental risk factors various areas across North Carolina. Our goal is to help you maximize your CRE health and revenue.

    Property Types

    WBTreece Consultants currently provides commercial building inspection and due dilligence services for the following property types:


    • Multifamily Properties / Apartment Buildings
    • Hotels and Motels
    • Schools and Churches
    • Colleges and Universities
    • Strip Malls and Abandoned Retail Spaces


    Learn more about our commercial due diligence services, request a quote, or give us a call today for more information at (888) 365-1366.


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