Capital Needs Assessment

    Similar to the PCA, but tailored toward government requirements

    What is a Capital Needs Assessment?

    A Capital Needs Asessment (or "CNA") is similar to Property Condition Assessment, but specific to meet the inspection requirements for HUD/FHA multifamily loans. These include the HUD 221(d)(4), HUD 223(f), HUD 223(a)(7), and HUD 232 (for senior healthcare facilities).


    Several require and advise HOA's and apartment communities to perform a regular capital reserve study, with rotating inspections. Our CNA exceeds those requirements.


    As with the PCA, the goal of the CNA is to forecast future costs of maintaining a commercial property and identify any urgent repair or maintenance needs.


    WBTreece Consultants is fully trained and certified to assess multi-family properties in Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Wilmington NC, and provide a comprehensive CNA. We follow the industry accepted standards of ASTM E2018 and CCPIA.


    Read more about how to get started with a CNA, or download a copy of the ASTM E2018 and CCPIA Standards.


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  • View the HUD Standards Now

    Capital Budgeting for Federal Multifamily Properties.

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    Commercial building inspection standards from an inspection perspective. 

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