Construction Loan Monitoring


    Commercial construction lenders must examine their own building loans. The goal of the bank draw inspection is to confirm that the project's real-time work is consistent with the disclosed work. Our staff has experience in both the construction and development fields, enabling WBTreece Consultants us to offer distinctive viewpoints and determine precise completion percentages for various project types.

    During phases of construction, we perform periodic site visits. Comparing observations to building plans, specs, and codes, we are able to determine construction compliance, progress, and integrity. We also offer our opinions on the project's funding situation, as well as the caliber of the materials and workmanship.
    On behalf of construction lenders, we verify that disbursement requests are accurate and timely. We also report any problems to both the lender and the builder.
    Following construction completion, we offer assessments of the overall caliber of the job and any noted adherence to the plans and specifications. These statements have a solid foundation because of our engagement with the project both before and during construction.

    WBTreece Consultants is fully trained and certified to assess commercial properties in Raleigh, NC, Charlotte, NC, and across the US and provide comprehensive Construction Loan Monitoring. We follow the industry accepted standards of ASTM E2018-15 and CCPIA.

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