Building Revenue Assessment

    Cash Flow for Your Portfolio

    What is a Building Revenue Assessment?

    Our firm pioneers the newest of commercial building inspections: The Building Revenue Assessment. The Building Revenue Assessment (or "BRevA") maximizes your cash flow from your current portfolio holdings.


    With no need for the property to change hands, and no required due diligence, the BRevA is an elective set of inspections focused on making money for your company. The BRevA includes:

    1. Equity PCA: the condition of your property and how it affects cash flow
    2. Thermal Energy Audit: infrared energy analysis and how it affects cash flow
    3. Cost Segregation Study: documented tax depreciations to improve cash flow

    These three integrated reports give the owner a 10-year picture of tax savings, ongoing energy needs, and upcoming capital expenditures. The BRevA is ideal for building owners, portfolio managers, and investors who want to save thousands, even millions, in the next 5-10 years. Download a sample here.


    This process is detailed and involved. The typical timeline to review documents, inspect the property, and produce reports is 4-6 weeks. But the value gained from a Building Revenue Assessment may well outlive the building itself.


    Do you want to secure the future of your building, your family, your tax liabilities, and your trust for generations to come? Invest in the security of a BRevA. You won't be disappointed.


    WBTreece Consultants is fully trained and certified to inspect commercial properties in Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington, across North Carolina, and across the world. We provide comprehensive Equity PCA's, Thermal Energy Audits, and Cost Segregation Studies.


    Read more about how to get started with a BRevA, or download a copy of the ASTM E2018, the CCPIA Standards, and/or the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Guide (2022).

  • How the BRevA Works

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    We handle all the paperwork and consultations.



    We visit the site within 10 days.



    We begin sending reports within 15 days.



    We consult with owners and accountants.

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  • Download the Equity PCA Standards Now

    Investor-level Property Condition Assessment standards from the architectural/engineering perspective.

  • Download the CCPIA Standards Now

    Commercial building inspection standards from an inspection perspective. 

  • Download the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Guide

    The federal government tells you how to save money.

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