How to Grow Your Building Assets with a Facility Condition Assessment

Increase your assets...

  1. Perform a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment (FCA): The building systems, including the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, structural must be assessed in order to determine their current state. Any problems with these systems should be noted by the FCA, along with suggestions for their replacement or repair.
  2. Prioritize repairs and replacements: Based on the FCA results, make a list of the most important repairs and replacements, then prioritize them. This includes identifying which repairs and replacements will have the greatest impact on the structure's overall condition, safety, and functionality.
  3. Develop a long-term maintenance plan: After addressing any immediate repairs or replacements, create a thorough long-term maintenance schedule for the structure. This entails preparing for upcoming repairs and replacements as well as routine maintenance chores like gutter cleaning and air filter replacement.
  4. Analyze and update asset management strategies: Analyze and revise the facility's asset management strategy using the data from the FCA. This involves looking at equipment obsolescence, maintenance schedules, and options for energy efficiency improvements.
  5. Monitor progress: Finally, keep track of how the maintenance and repair plan is progressing over time. By using regular FCAs, you can stay on top of any new issues as they appear and adjust your asset management strategies as necessary.

Overall, a Facility Condition Assessment can assist you in having a better understanding of the current condition of your building assets and in helping you decide how best to maintain that condition over time.


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